Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slow in Win 2k3 server
Author Roland Volkmann
Hello Daniel, hello Thomas,

> > I can't confirm your reported behaviour, but I can confirm with
> > CreateInternalWindow = 0 that I can't start the guardian or the
> > server (without the guardian) when running as service, even when
> > the "Interact with desktop... " option (that's translated from
> > my German installation) is *unchecked*.

that's exactly the same on my WinXP-Machine using FB1.5rc7 SS, so my first
reported issue loosing communication is only the consequence of the not
running fbserver service.

> > Does somebody know if this is "as designed" that the guardian/server
> > can't be run as a service with CreateInternalWindow = 0? I haven't
> > found anything in the Release Notes about that.
> The guardian requires the server's internal window to monitor it's
> state. Although, there's probably another way to achieve this, but
> it's too late for FB 1.5. And, hopefully it will be addressed in FB
> 2.0(I think it is planned, but not certain), so that it will permit
> the Windows server to be configured as optimized for services, without
> suffering a performance loss.

but as Thomas already wrote, you can't start the fbserver service even
without using the gardian. So for the moment it's absolutely neccessary to
set "CreateInternalWindow = 1" (default) when running FB as service.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!