Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slow in Win 2k3 server
Author Daniel Rail

At December 22, 2003, 08:36, Thomas Steinmaurer wrote:

> I can't confirm your reported behaviour, but I can confirm with
> CreateInternalWindow = 0 that I can't start the guardian or the
> server (without the guardian) when running as service, even when
> the "Interact with desktop... " option (that's translated from
> my German installation) is *unchecked*.

> Does somebody know if this is "as designed" that the guardian/server
> can't be run as a service with CreateInternalWindow = 0? I haven't
> found anything in the Release Notes about that.

The guardian requires the server's internal window to monitor it's
state. Although, there's probably another way to achieve this, but
it's too late for FB 1.5. And, hopefully it will be addressed in FB
2.0(I think it is planned, but not certain), so that it will permit
the Windows server to be configured as optimized for services, without
suffering a performance loss.

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