Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slow in Win 2k3 server
Author Roland Volkmann
Hello Daniel,

> Firebird creates a window for the local IPC protocol communication,
> and it's that window that requires the server to be set for "optimized
> for applications". If you don't require the local IPC protocol, then
> there's a parameter in the Firebird.conf file that you can change.
> And, this change would permit the server to be put in "optimized for
> services" mode.
> Here's the parameter and it's description:
> [...start description...]
> CreateInternalWindow


when I set "CreateInternalWindow = 0" then it isn't possible to comunicate
with the server engine any more from the machine on which the server engine
resides, neither using "localhost:mydatabase" nor "servermachine:mydatabase"

If you or other users can confirm that, then I propose to report it to the
devel-list as "unexpected behaviour" (or is it a real bug?).

With best regards,