Subject Re: [firebird-support] Slow in Win 2k3 server
Author Daniel Rail

At December 21, 2003, 19:50, Rohit Gupta wrote:

> I am trying out FB1.5 on one PC. unfortunately some queries that
> used to work before now fail so we have to be careful when we give
> it to our clients.

What do you mean by "fail"? And, in comparison with which version and

> Anyway, found the problem. If you tell Win2k3 to "OPTIMISE FOR
> APPLICATIONS" (instead of services) then firebird performs at the
> same speed as Win2K server. That is when FB is installed as a
> service. Me being my cynical self, would assert that this is another
> deliberate MS ploy to make their stuff run well at the expense of
> others.... ie reclassifying what a service is.

> To put it in perspective, the reports have gone from 14 seconds
> (when optimised for services) downto 2.5 seconds (when optimised
> for applications).

Firebird creates a window for the local IPC protocol communication,
and it's that window that requires the server to be set for "optimized
for applications". If you don't require the local IPC protocol, then
there's a parameter in the Firebird.conf file that you can change.
And, this change would permit the server to be put in "optimized for
services" mode.

Here's the parameter and it's description:
[...start description...]

The “Windows local” protocol uses a hidden window for inter-process
communication between the local client and the server. This IPC window
is created at server startup when CreateInternalWindow is true (1, the
default). Set it to 0 (off) to run the server without a window and
thus to disable local protocol. With local protocol disabled, it is
possible to run multiple instances of the server simultaneously.
[...end description...]

Also, just to let you know, there's already been a change for FB 2.0
to replace the local IPC protocol with a new local XNET protocol,
which doesn't require a window to be created.

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