Subject What C++ datatype can be used to store DATE ?
Author ritchie72nlnl

Is there a suitable datatype in C++ (with MFC) to store data from SQL
datatype DATE?

I have tried to use COleDateTime, which worked perfectly for updating
the database, but doesn't seem to work the other way around.

I will post some of the code to illustrate the problem:

/// Code Snippet ///

void ShowDate()
COleDateTime dtBirthday;
CString sBirthday;
CMyRecordset myRecordset;

while (!myRecordset.IsEOF())
dtBirthday = rst.m_BIRTHDAY;
sBirthday = dtBirthday.Format(VAR_DATEVALUEONLY);
MessageBox("Birthday is " + sBirthday, "Result");

/// End of code snippet

This code compiles without errors or warnings, but the messagebox
will say "Birthday is Invalid DateTime."

My guess is I have to use another datatype, but which one?

Thanks in advance,