Subject RE: [firebird-support] Determining last change date for a .gdb file?
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi,
> We have several Firebird servers with many thousands of discrete .gdb
> files spread all over the place. I'm trying to write a comprehensive
> automated backup methodology for our particular mess, and I would only
> like to perform a backup of the files that have changed since the last
> backup.
> To determine if any particular .gdb file has changed since the last
> backup, I was planning to check the file's modified date. I am
> assuming that gbak itself does not alter the source .gdb file's
> modified or changed timestamps...A few test backups on my experimental
> FB1.5 machine seem to corroborate this, but I've no idea if this
> should remain true for future versions of gbak.
> Presumably, a .gdb file's modified or changed timstamp would only
> change when a transaction is committed to the file, and uncommitted
> transactions are ignored by gbak anyway... Is this correct?

the timestamp will only change when the connection from the client is
dropped - not when a trasnaction is committed. The file stays open and
active until the last connection is dropped.

> Overall, does this methodology of checking file modification dates
> seem sound to our resident gurus?