Subject Stored Procedure question
Author Jacob Alberty
I have two databases, one a database of pets and another a database of
each pet has its own unique petid and each owner has its own unique
ownerid, multiple pets may have the same ownerid (ie owned by the same
owner), i have been trying to figure out how to implement a stored
procedure or udf that is aggregated so that i can take the results of
"select petname from pets where ownerid = :OwnerID", that the results
are as a comma seperated listm ie instead of returning an editable
resultset such as
i get a list such as
fluffy, fifi, fubar
I have been fiddling with stored procedures but as far as i can tell the
only way to implement this would be in a udf, but i wold just like a
conformation of this fact, and if this is true, can someone point me in
the direction of some documentation that would be usable?