Subject Re: [firebird-support] Wrong Language
Author Daniel Rail

At December 15, 2003, 17:36, Sergio Lenzi wrote:
> The problem rises when someone produces an sql that asks for:

> select sum(ta.c1), ta.c2, sum(tb.c1) from ta, tb;
> and forget to put group by...

> The curiosity is that it works in interbase6... and firebird 1.0x but not
> on firebird 1.5.rc7...

SQL standards indicate that all non-aggregate fields should always be in the
GROUP BY and also found in the result set, when using aggregate
fields. FB 1.5 has simply reinforced the SQL standard a bit more than
the previous versions.

> One more question.....

> Choosing another dialect would help??? if so, what dialect??? 1,2,3???

Dialect 3.

Dialect 1 is for compatibility with Interbase 5.x databases. And,
dialect 2 is used to migrate a dialect 1 DB/application to use dialect
3, because it gives you warning messages, instead of error messages.

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