Subject Re: odbc setup on linux ...
Author idealsoftwaregmbh
> Yes your are right, there is something missing...
> Create a symlink, in my case it had to be in /usr/lib:
> cd /usr/lib
> ln -s IscDbc odbc/

Yes, this is a bug! I found it using strace... the ODBC driver is
trying to load "IscDbc" instead of "". Can anyone fix it?

However, it is still not working on my side, I'm using iODBC instead
of unixODBC. wxWindows relies on iODBC. Has anyone ever made it to use
the driver with iODBC?

I get "Invalid Connection String attribute" and then "File is not a
valid database" error messages. Any ideas?

I think the ODBC driver could ship with some docs, explaining how to
setup odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini.

I'm also having problems installing Firebird under Debian Linux. There
are bugs in the scripts and Firebird v1.5 uses the
which is not available in Debian 3.0. The developers should link the
libraries statically to avoid such problems.

After all, I have the feeling the Linux version needs some more care.