Subject Command line options for isql
Author Mahesh Ishwar
Hello All,
I'm working on Windows XP and the firebird version I'm using is RC3.
I want to execute some queries thru commandline by giving options to isql. I know that I can give some predefined queries thru -i option with the name of the input file. But as my queries are created at runtime, I can't make a generic sql file for that.
Is there any option like
c:\> isql <dbfile> -u <user> -p <password> -e <string containing some update or so statement>
(e.g. -e option is there in MySql.)

The other thing that can also solve my problem is an input parameter taken by sql file. For example, a sample sql file contains
update table_1 set col_1 = '<&var>' where <some condition>;
And at the command prompt I can say
c:\> isql <dbfile> -u <user> -p <password> -i <sample sql file> -param1 <value of var>.
(The way we do in Oracle or a simple batch file with '%' variables.)

Thanks in advance.

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