Subject Re: Re: [firebird-support] Win32 10054 error, Firebird-Linux, clients-Windows
Author Elena Schwanov√°

> Can you tell me exactly what version of Red Hat Linux and what Firebird
rpm you used to install on the server when
> 1. you faced the problem

system: Red Hat 9, FirebirdSS-

> 2. When the problem was solved

system Red Hat 9 + patches, FirebirdSS-103.972-0.i386

To Ibrahim: I am an administrator of the application, it means that I
install the app. and it's upgrades at the users, help them with using the
app. and when we need changes I contact the author with the specifications.
I am not the author and don't know which Delphi component set is used there.

Thanks to Helen for the information about archives.