Subject dump/restore
Author Sergio Lenzi
Hello all,

Well, after several years of using Postgres, DB2, Oracle... here am I with the

I would like to know if there is an "utility" that can do dump/restore of the
database not only using gbak, but unloading the full database with all of the
tables in text format, that is: I need to export the database to somewhere
else in Postgres, I use pg_dump and it exports the database in text format
of creating tables, and than inserting data into tables...

I used the isql -exportall db > db.dump but it only exports the ddl, not the
data that is in the tables...

My question:

Is there a program (preferable without gui), that exports the data of the
tables (all the tables)???
this for sure would fix the corruption problem, as the data could be edited
and than reloaded in the database (pg_dump, or sqlplus does it...)

For several days I search internet and found none...

Thanks for the help