Subject Re: [firebird-support] Newbie Question: A GUID data type
Author Martijn Tonies
> >> the same for what should really be two distinct types (text and GUID),
> >> then we run into difficulties.
> >
> >Can't you get the GUID as a string and convert it on the
> >client/application side?
> As I see it, the problem is making the client know whether it has a GUID
> or a CHAR value. Then we can talk about how to convert it.
> Am I missing something?

Perhaps I am :-)

Isn't your client aware of any datatypes? That is, if I would be
selecting from a database, I know that certain columns are Integer
and certain columns hold a GUID (or are the GUID datatype).
If I know it holds a GUID, I could adjust it a little so that it converts
a char value into a GUID in my code, right?

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