Subject Re: UNICODE_FSS limitations
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Steve,

--- In, Steve_Miller@s... wrote:
> Thanks for mentioning this. I didn't know about any of these points.
> concerned in particular about CESU-8. (For anyone intereseted,
CESU-8 is
> found at We have a sister
> that programs fonts. [...] Does anyone know about this?

How much this matters depends on your programming
environment. If your program internally uses 'real'
Unicode wide chars, at some early point you translate
all the CESU-8 into wide chars (or vice versa).

Or, by the joys of open source, you change UNICODE_FSS
behaviour or add a better UTF-8. There's only about one
thing to be changed: the conversion to and from
Firebird's internal UTF-16.

> I posted a note a day or so ago about custom collations on UNICODE_FSS,
> but didn't get any response. Has anyone had any experience with custom
> collations?

Yep. Unfortunately I volunteered (at a moment where
I had more spare time) to give the Firebird INTL architecture
an overhaul. Not much done yet, sorry.

You can find a basic example for a loadable collation
in the firebird-architect file area.

Peter Jacobi