Subject gbak performance on Linux/Windows
Author Yves Glodt

I observe some strange performance differences for gbak between Linux
and win2k-sp4. FB version is 1.03 in win2k and 1.02 on Linux.
The box is an Athlon2200/512MB, and it does not swap at all doing gbak.

Restoring of the same database (53MB .gbk file, about 55 tables) takes:
01:35 minutes in win2k and
03:05 minutes in Linux (Debian unstable with 2.4.22-1 kernel).

gbak options in both cases:
gbak -c -r -v -p 8192 -user SYSDBA -pas masterkey db.gbk db.gdb

It's not really of big importance, but where does this huge slowdown
come from?

best regards,

Thats for gbak performance, but there are also good news for Linux:
When I run an application that uses the menitioned DB on a P3-450
client, and the server is running either win2k or Linux, the same task
01:45 minutes with server running win2k and
01.19 minutes with server running Linux

Linux 2.4.22-1-k7 #1 Sat Sep 6 02:13:04 EST 2003 i686
14:26:57 up 26 min, 1 user, load average: 0.32, 0.24, 0.20