Subject problem with cache/buffers.
Author Sergio Lenzi
Hello all,

I have generated firebird 1.5rc7 in my FreeBSD box..
using the classic server aproach (I choose it for the sake of security...)
it works amazing very fast and as I expected, full of features..

Than I try to run some application programs using windows 98 with delphi 6
and with direct access (no bde...) to the database...

The application program is a large one that deals with Point of sale logic...
it works ok on the ancient interbase 6.0 superserver.. but I choose to
migrate to firebird for the sake of speed, open source...

The application program works ok for small queries to the database, that is
when you are using the "on line" part of the application program, that
produces few answers, it works ok. But... when I try to extract a cross
listing from several table using select a,b,c inner join d join x ... (that
is: a query that makes several relationships...) the program aborts with an
error type 6 that states:
"number of page buffers for cache required"

My question to the list, is:

Is this an error of the application program or an parameter to be tunned in
the firebird server???

Thanks for any help,