Subject Re: Firebird and OpenOffice
Author Andrew
--- In, "Martijn Tonies"
<m.tonies@u...> wrote:

> Perhaps it's trying to re-read the row after the insert?

A bit more on this, Martijn:

I have confirmed that it is re-reading the table using the value
that was entered into that field (the field being a primary key
integer field).

If the value entered does not exist in the table then, naturally, it
cannot find it and gives an error. Otherwise it returns the
corresponding record.

This is workable. I can enter any existing PK value for the new
record (e.g. 1) to avoid an error message. After the insert it
reads back the corresponding record for the grid display (e.g. the
one with PK of 1, not the newly entered record), which is a bit odd
to look at but can be fixed with periodic refreshes. The important
thing is that I can now get data in (inc. autogenerated keys) via
the OpenOffice interface without being interrupted by error messages.

Thanks for helping to get the synapses firing, Martijn.