Subject TIMESTAMP arithmatic niggle
Author Lester Caine
FB1.5 RC7

I am moving some stuff from the client app into triggers for
use with PHP, and am having a little problem adding 'time'
to a TIMESTAMP. ( It works fine if done in Builder before
supplying to FB :) )

DELETE = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP + 1 gives +24 hours

DELETE = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP + 0.0007 gives +1 minute

DELETE = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP + (30.0 / 1440.0) gives +30 minutes

DELETE = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP + (1.0 / 1440.0) does not give +1

I would rather make the number of minutes an offset that the
user can change, and do the arithmetic for them, but all
attempts at times less then about 20 minutes 'round' to
zero. Anybody see where I am going wrong?

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services