Subject Re: Auto Incrementing field
Author benmarron
--- In, Bahadir ARMAGAN
<barmagan@t...> wrote:
> I have an integer field that an application increments it each time
it adds
> a record. But when I run the intances of that application at the
same time ,
> I get an error because all the instances reading the same last value and
> trying to insert the same incremented value to this unique field.
> What is the general methode that is to be followed for this problem?
> Is it possible to create an autoincrement field as in access databases?
> What if I try to make a field (already have unique recodrs in it)
> autoincrement?

There is no autoincrement field in Firebird.

The general method to get unique autoicremented value is : generator +
trigger to get generator value and increment it when new record is