Subject Re: [firebird-support] Conversion Utilities from Access
Author Martijn Tonies
> > That wasn't really a criticism of the product, but it seems to have been
> > because of the options I selected halfway through the process. If no
> > options selected, no worries. I'll try and check out which one(s) were
> > causing the error. (same error BTW on either ODBC or ADO)
> >
> > There was another problem, though, which probably ought to be addressed:
> > if I just take the structures, without indexes etc, it failed wherever
> > there was a Memo field in the Access table - it was trying to create
> > varchar(1073741823) each time. Any table without that was created

Woops, that's a little too large. I guess there's room for improvement
here :-) ...

> > problems. I modified the generated script to make those memo fields
> > varchar(4000) - which in my case was quite large enough - and the .sql
> > file was quite happy to create a table.
> perhaps those oughta be text blobs....


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