Subject Re: [firebird-support] Conversion Utilities from Access
Hi, Martijn

That wasn't really a criticism of the product, but it seems to have been
because of the options I selected halfway through the process. If no
options selected, no worries. I'll try and check out which one(s) were
causing the error. (same error BTW on either ODBC or ADO)

There was another problem, though, which probably ought to be addressed:
if I just take the structures, without indexes etc, it failed wherever
there was a Memo field in the Access table - it was trying to create
varchar(1073741823) each time. Any table without that was created without
problems. I modified the generated script to make those memo fields
varchar(4000) - which in my case was quite large enough - and the .sql
file was quite happy to create a table.

I'll get back to you, though it may be a couple of days - things are
hectic at present.

Terry Riley

----------Original Message---------

> Hi Terry,
> > I'm trying to find a utility (that works) for converting Access97 or
> > Access2000 mdb files into FB1.5 fdbs.
> >
> > The sql2gdb utility seems to work converting to FB1.03, but loses
> > almost
> > everything, especially FK constraints (except the data and indeces)
> > when
> > converting to FB1.5.
> >
> > I also have the trial version of dbworkbench, but that gives me a
> > 'Operation not supported' if I try to move an ODBC (mdb) datasource
> > to FB.
> What about ADO? Either way - I would be interested in a
> copy of your database, to check where things go wrong.
> With regards,
> Martijn Tonies
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> Server.
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