Subject Can't backup/cleanup DB
Author chumlyii
I have inherited a database that was not maintained for some time.
Unfortunately the designer also designed it to create a huge amount
of uneeded audit records (18 million records). The single file DB is
approching 3.7gig and is about to run out of room.

3 weeks ago I was able to backup the entire DB.

I then deleted the offending 18M rows

I then tried to do a backup and the process ran for nearly 48 hours
before I had to kill it. The CPU usage goes straight to 100% and
stays there. I finaly had to kill it because the customer needed to
print from this machine (another great idea by someone to put the
print que's for the site on this machine).

I brought back the original backup and did the same delete and backup
here on our server and it ran fine in about 1.5 hrs.

How can I save the DB onsite? My working backup is 3 weeks behind
production data, Is there an easy way to just extract the new records?

Any help appreciated