Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Question about PLANs
Author Marco Bommeljé
Hi Arno,

In the explanation below, you mention forcing NO PLAN:
>>If the plan can change frequently (Because the contents of the tables
>>> will change continuously), this statement shouldn't be used inside a
>>> Stored Procedure. AFAIK, the plan will be defined when the SP is
>>> created and, in this case, the selected plan couldn't be the most
>>> adequate. Is this correct ?
> No, when NO PLAN is forced in the Stored Procedure then the PLAN is
> calculated before execute and this is what you always want.

Can you explain this some more? How do I force NO PLAN for stored procs? Do I
need to do this or is it implicit? I am aware that a PLAN can be included in
trigger/proc code since Fb1.5, but I see no reference to NO PLAN option.