Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Again: Error on database backup
Author Alan McDonald
> The server makes the backup all night.
> After the backup, the same batch restore it with another name
> (test.gdb), just to see if it's ok, and generate a log in case of
> error messages.
> The tape backup is made after that, just on the gbk file, not on the
> gdb file.
> I have almost 15 servers running basically the same configuration
> and batches for some years and it's the first time i saw this error.
> I solved the problem removing the table REM1 (after removing its
> dependencies), so i could make the backup, and then i restored it
> and recreated REM1 and its dependencies and data.
> But i expected to have this problem solved by gbak or gfix, like all
> my previous corruption problems, not manually.

It sounds like you are doing the right things. What switches did you try
with gfix?
Does REM1 have blob contents? What is the page size of the datbases?