Subject Parameters for the Firebird ODBC Setup
Author Erik De Laet

I have installed the Firebird/Interbase (r) driver from the IBPhoenix site
and am now trying to connect to my Firebird database using an ODBC connection.

When I try to create a new data source, a number of input fields are
requested :
Can anyone please help me with the following :

Data source name : evident, a free name to choose
Driver : only one selection possible, so IscDbc is used
Database: presumably in the format 'myserver:c:\firebirddb\...\
Client: ????????
DatabaseAccount and Password: ok
Role: ?????????
Character set: ??????

I am pretty new to Firebird after having used SqlServer and Access both
from within my Delphi programs (ADO) and .ASP pages.

Thanks for any help you might give me ...

Erik De Laet