Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB embedded and ib_util.dll
Author Ivan Prenosil
From: "Tom Munro Glass"
> The only problem seems to be ib_util.dll. This either has to be in each
> application folder, or needs to be in a folder that is in the Path. I don't
> want multiple copies of ib_util.dll and I can't rely on Path because users
> may have older versions of FB in the Path.
> Is there any way of specifiying where ib_util.dll can be found?

ib_util.dll implements single function (ib_util_malloc), that does nothing more
than call malloc function from msvcrt.dll, that has to be found somehow anyway,
so either put ib_util.dll into the same directory as msvcrt.dll
(usually c:\windows\system32), or do not use ib_util.dll at all
and call msvcrt.dll from your udf dlls directly.