Subject Re: [firebird-support] Lock Errors
Author Ivan Prenosil

> If not using Embedded, but Server + Client, then you are seeing the
> built-in protection that Firebird has against the "bad connection string"
> bug that plagues InterBase.
> Check the Path component of the connection strings involved. If one client
> attaches using correct path syntax, e.g. d:\vl2\data\cfldata.gdb, and
> another tries to attach using e.g. d:vl2\data\cfldata.gdb then it won't be
> able to. Same story if the first connection used the second path syntax -
> it will cause attachments with correct path strings to be blocked.

Have you tried your example ?
If the current directory is d:\, then the connection will succeed,
if the current directory is different you got "file not found" error,
not "lock error".
To get lock error you have to use more crazy connect string.