Subject Re: [firebird-support] Strange performance problems
Author Tim Ledgerwood
>64MB isn't a lot for running Windows, a database server, and the app plus
>client s/w.
>What is the page size and no. of cache pages? Is it the same
>everywhere? With 8KB pages and 8000 cache pages you're using about 64MB
>just for the database.
>You should also check the statistics on the header page to make sure the
>sweep thread doesn't take all the resource (however, this shouldn't be very
>often) - backup+restore cures this temporarily... Permanent solution: mind
>the transactions.
>The 'max dup' on many of the indexes may be a problem on DELETEs, but this
>is easily fixed.

Hi Aage,

Page size is 1024, and there are 73122 allocated pages. Maybe I should increase
the page size?

Speaking to one of our technical guys, he agrees that 64 MB isn't a lot
when running
Windows (especially W 98 on the FAT system), as well as other apps.



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