Subject Re: [firebird-support] Strange performance problems
Author Aage Johansen
On Thu, 4 Dec 2003 07:31:09 +0000 (UTC), Tim Ledgerwood wrote:

> Hi all,
> we are experiencing very strange performance problems with our production
> databases.
> We have had complaints that the updating of the transaction and the
> inserting of the amount tendered (the two form part of one database
> transaction) sometimes take up to 30 seconds, which is unacceptable to
> our clients.
> The clients' computer (in this case) is running Windows 98 SP2, with 64
> I get similar response times on my computer, which is running Windows
> 2000 professional SP 2, with 128 MB RAM.

64MB isn't a lot for running Windows, a database server, and the app plus
client s/w.
What is the page size and no. of cache pages? Is it the same
everywhere? With 8KB pages and 8000 cache pages you're using about 64MB
just for the database.
You should also check the statistics on the header page to make sure the
sweep thread doesn't take all the resource (however, this shouldn't be very
often) - backup+restore cures this temporarily... Permanent solution: mind
the transactions.

The 'max dup' on many of the indexes may be a problem on DELETEs, but this
is easily fixed.

Aage J.