Subject New server hardware
Author Bob Murdoch
I am currently running FB 1.5 rc7 Superserver on an older box with a single
P4 and 512M ram.

I have the opportunity purchase a new server, and have to decide on a
single or dual Xeon configuration. I understand the problems associated
with running FB superserver on a multi-cpu box. I also know that there is
a Classic build available that should eliminate that problem. However, I
have never used the Classic version.

My question is, given a box with 1GB ram, will I see better performance
with a Superserver and a single cpu, or Classic with dual cpus? Typical
load on the db is from an intranet web server and a custom built middle
tier, with bulk loading of data overnight and OLAP type reporting
throughout the day, with a sprinkling of OLTP thrown in. Database size is
now a little over 8GB, growing by ~100MB per month.


Bob M..