Subject Re: [firebird-support] Strange performance problems
Author Tim Ledgerwood
At 11:01 AM 04/12/2003 +0200, you wrote:

>Okay from the two process the fetching is fine, but the updating is slow as
>you have stated.
>What is the size of the database for these test scenario's. With a clean
>database is the speed acceptable ?
>How many foreign key's are on the table ?

No foreign keys at all. :-D The client app forces referential integrity.

The problem starts occurring after the DB reaches about 60 MB; although one
of the DBs we tested on yesterday (with good results) is 112 MB.

I am beginning to suspect more and more that it is physical memory issues,
rather than a DB issue. The problem is that I don't know enough about the
way IB/FB uses available memory in a windows environment ...

I think what is happening is that the OS runs out of physical RAM, and has
to start paging to disk, slowing everything down. Does this make sense?

As I said before, I am reluctant to simply throw more RAM at the problem,
without knowing what the problem is.



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