Subject How to retrieve the version of fbembed.dll with firebird API
Author chaucheeyang

I wish to retrieve the firebird embedded server's version number
with the firebird's API, is that possible? I don't want to retrieve
the DLL file version via windows API but with firebird's API. In
Interbase server, I may run something like this:

It seems like the isc_attach_database api is not functioning
properly with embedded server.

function IB_AttachDatabase(var ADBHandle: TISC_DB_HANDLE;
DatabaseName: string;
AUserName: string; APassword: string): boolean;
var DPB: string;
DPB := char(isc_dpb_version1) +
char(isc_dpb_user_name) + char(Length(AUserName)) +
AUserName +
char(isc_dpb_password) + char(Length(APassword)) +
ADBHandle := nil;
Result := isc_attach_database(StatusVector,
StrLen(PChar(DatabaseName)), PChar(DatabaseName),
@ADBHandle, StrLen(PChar(DPB)), PChar(DPB)
) = 0;