Subject something like 'mysqladmin processlist'
Author David Garamond
In Firebird (in combination with Delphi, or PHP, or isql, or anything
else), what is the closest thing to MySQL's 'mysqladmin processlist'
command? With that command, I can see what SQL statement each connection
is currently executing and for how long. This helps pinpointing which
client is giving out slow queries.

I believe it is also easy to do in PostgreSQL (at least the
multiprocess/"classic" version): with 'ps ax' you can see what each
server process is doing, including what SQL statement it is currently

I peeked in the IB6 API guide, there's isc_transaction_info() and
isc_dsql_sql_info(). But it is my understanding that FB doesn't keep
track of what statements have been issued in what transactions/
connections and at what times. So I guess one needs to add a layer on
top of the API to do something like this, is this correct?