Subject Firebird and Delphi
Author adele_leroux
I am looking at firebird as a possible database solution for a new
project. The development language will be Delphi. I downloaded and
installed Firebird as well as the Firebird ODBC drivers. I created
an ODBC connection to the firebird database that I created with
IBEasy+. My Delphi application lists the records in the firebird
database in a standard db grid. I tested this query (SELECT * FROM
Customer) on both BDE and ADO. BDE has no problems. ADO has no
problems until I enter data in the table. When I set the ADO
dataset to active it gives an "Unspecified Error". In my limited
opinion, Firebird should be able to work through ADO. I am trying
to break loose from the BDE. Any help is appreciated, thanks in