Subject Re: [firebird-support] Embedded Firebird
Author Jerome Bouvattier

> Can anyone tell me where can I find a sample code of how to use
fbembed.dll? May
> be in C or C++. Do I've to call isc_attach_database() function or some
> funciton like that?

I don't know much about C, but you might find infos or even something
readily meeting your needs there :

I don't think there is any difference between accessing fbembed.dll and
accessing the regular client library (fbclient.dll). The former is just a
client library embedding the server.

> One basic thing which is not clear to me is that as fbserver.exe listens
on a port
> (default 3050), does fbembed.dll does the the same thing or does it
directly gets > the data from the FDB file specified?

Embedded does not listen to any port. It only accepts local connections.
Yes, the server embedded in the fbembed.dll access the fdb file directly,
just like the regular stand alone server. During that time, the fdb file
will be locked exclusively so that two servers (embedded or not) can't
access it at once.

Hope it helps.