Subject Storing session-specific data
Author Nando Dessena
I was about to post a feature request, but perhaps someone has managed
to do the kind of things I am in need of with already existing tools.

In short, I would like to store session-specific data accessible in
triggers, stored procedures and SQL statements.

Example: I have a USERS table in my database and want to log certain
actions (like modifying a row in a table) through triggers. Such
triggers need to know the currently connected "user" name (that is my
application user, not Firebird's) to write it to the log table.

In MSSQL I would have created and filled a temporary table on connect,
what about Firebird 1.5?

I could think of using a table keyed on the value of
CURRENT_CONNECTION, but in case of application failure someone should
do the housekeeping... Would it be a viable path?

BTW, the feature request I was thinking about of course was for
session/temporary user-defined tables or at least variables. It must
even be already noted in the tracker, I bet.

Any comments?

Nando mailto:nandod@...