Subject Re: Is that possible to use embedded firebird database that stay in memory
Author chaucheeyang
> Accessing a database in a memory stream isn't "normal" for DBX.
> What do you actually mean by "access the database as normal"?

As normal means I can use TSQLDataSet to access the database.

> >If it is not possible, is there any other alternative way that can
> >achieve the same result?
> What's the result you want?

I use the embedded firebird database to store some sensitive data.
When I release the database, it is in compressed/encrypted format.
When my application want to access the data, it will
decrompress/decrypt the database. If I keep the uncompress file in
the OS filesystem, others may easy access the file by using
IBconsole or other IB tools. The reason I choose firebird embedded
database is it is suitable for my data structure, and accessing the
database is neat, easy, and fast by just using SQL-query.

Thank you.