Subject Re: Dual Processor Linux
Author rodbracher
Does anyone know about SS for Linux and dual procs?

Or a recent (firebird) documentation link on this topic ?

Thanks - Rod

> > My client has now gone for running Linux on their Xeon Dual
> processor.
> >
> > Are there any issues / affinity settings etc. for CS / SS I
should be aware of ?
> >
> Rod, can't recall about SS (have it the same problem than Win SS
> not), for CS set affinity mask to use both processors. If you need
> many connections check xinetd.conf allows it, set cashe buffers to
> don't eat all memory (CS server consumes specified cashe for each
> connection, not the only one time like SS). There is fine article
> Classic server tuning on, look it for more
> Best regards,
> Alexahder.