Subject Re: Dual Processor Linux
Author Alexander V.Nevsky
--- In, "rodbracher" <rod@m...>
> Hi
> I posted a week or so ago re dual procs and windows.
> My client has now gone for running Linux on their Xeon Dual
> Are there any issues / affinity settings etc. for CS / SS I should
> aware of ?
> We will install FB 1.0.3

Rod, can't recall about SS (have it the same problem than Win SS or
not), for CS set affinity mask to use both processors. If you need
many connections check xinetd.conf allows it, set cashe buffers to
don't eat all memory (CS server consumes specified cashe for each
connection, not the only one time like SS). There is fine article on
Classic server tuning on, look it for more details.

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