Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to change lock resolution
Author Andrew Gough

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From: "Chooi-Ting" <goonct@...>
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> hi,
> does anyone know how to change lock resolution from wait to nowait ?
> rgds, chooi-ting

My understanding of lock resolution is it works on a per transaction basis,
and so how you specify it depends on the client library you use. In basic
'C' terms using the gds32 library (or the newer fbclient library) is you
specify the lock resolution in the TPB (transaction parameter block/buffer)
using the 'isc_tpb_wait' or 'isc_tpb_nowait' constants.

From the IB 6 docs (ApiGuide.pdf), when starting a transaction:
static char isc_tpb[] = {isc_tpb_version3,





so you could try that. I use the IBPP library for C++ and its done
differently there.

Andrew Gough
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