Subject RE: [firebird-support] Moving from IB 6.01 to Firebird 1.5
Author George P Boutwell

The general rule of thumb is something like this, when moving
Databases around.

1) Different Platforms. Backup on Old Platfrom, Restore on New
Platform (ie Windows -> Linux) Platforms probably isn't really the
right tearm. Probably more Filesystems. If you change the file system
that the database is going to be then a Backup on Old/Restore on New is
in order.
2) Same Platform, Check ODS (On Disk Structure). If the ODS is
different, Back-up on Old IB/FB Version. Restore on New IB/FB Version.

I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere that the ODS structure had
infact changed between FB 1.0 (which was basically the same as IB6's)
and FB 1.5. So you you'll want to do the backup on old, restore on new.
You shouldn't need to 'recreate from scratch' your DB, though.

As for 'benefits' to rebuilding from scratch. Unless you INTEND to
make use of features (like new Datatypes, ect) in the NEW version which
aren't available in the old version, then there probably isn't much of a
reason to recreate from scratch.



-----Original Message-----
> We are planning to move a database from IB 6.01 to the latest release
> Firebird. In preliminary testing we just copied the database to the
> Firebird 1.5 machine and everything seemed to be fine.

> Is there anything that we should look out for? Would there be any
> benefits to recreate the db from scratch in FB 1.5?

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