Subject Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 1781
Author Kevin Herrmann
> > > Firebird 1.03 has the same problem with Server 2003 as Interbase 6. The
> > > problem being that it is very sloooooow. It does however function.
> > >
> >
> > Out of interest - why is it slow?
> Mainly connect/disconnect is extremly slow. The following is a result
> of an ongoing discussion in a German newsgroup.
> InterBase 6 and Firebird seem to work well on Windows 2003 when you
> optimize the processor and memory to *Programs* and when you disable
> the new "Shadow Copy Volumes" (it's a new feature in Windows 2003)
> feature for the partitions, where the database files are stored.
> Again, Firebird 1.5 works well under Windows 2003 without these
> tweaks.

Thomas -- do these tweaks fix the excruciating connect time problem or just
make Interbase and Firebird perofrm better after the connection is made ? I'd
love to have a solution for our Interbase v6.01 folks who have upgraded and
want to upgrade to Windows 2003.

Of course, the *real* solution will be to use FB1.5 wen it is ready.

Thank you,