Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Wow, 1.5 is really fast
Author Lee Jenkins (DataTrakPOS)
You Wrote:
Do you have any statistic prove on the performance (speed) ? and what
do you mean by the speed...insert/update/select or all ?

rgds, chooi-ting


Unfortunately, no, this is based on a subjective view of the software that I
wrote with backend using IB6.0, now FB 1.5. Believe me, I can tell. Unlike
a lot of developers who work on different projects over time, this
application is my company's main application (Restaurant POS) and I know it
intimately. It is definitely faster.

Numbers speak the best and when I get some time, I will do some benchmarks
with one of our customer databases and post results here. I will do some
selected/updates/inserts with IB and FB1.5.