Subject Re: [firebird-support] Where is the updatebatch?
Author Woody (TMW)
If you are using Windows servers, not Linux or Solaris, you can add this
line to the TIBDatabase component:


That will turn on forced writes as soon as you connect to the database if it
isn't already turned on. As a side note, don't use TIBTables for anything
but the simplest form of lookup table. It has too many limitations and some
bugs. It is better to use all query components. This is true for just about
any language when you use an RDBMS.

Woody (TMW)
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From: "Henrique Lobo Weissmann" <kicolobo@...>

Hi again,

When using ADO in my projects (made with Delphi 7), I use the
updatebatch procedure to ensure that the data is written fisically on the
disk. I didn´t find this method in the components of the IBTable components.
There is any alternative? Or the data is by default written on the disk?

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