Subject Access Violation on dissconnect
Author Tim Gee

I posted a few weeks back regarding AV when disconnection from the
database. Firebird and am using IBO 4.2Ie.

I have installed Interbase Version 7.1 on a number of different machines
and have found the AV does not occur as it does in the FB 1.5. The
version notes on FB 1.5 mention a bug fix:

* Fixed unregistered bug.
Possible crashes on disconnect when event notification is used.
Dmitry Yemanov <yemanov at>

I am not sure if this is the same problem but it sounds like the same
symptoms. If I have a connection to a database which is registered for
events on some machines when I attempt to disconnect from the database I
get an Access Violation in fbclient and the program fails.

This problem does not occur in Interbase 7.1 as far as my testing has
shown so far. Just thought I would mention this incase anyone had any