Subject Re: Firebird V1.5 RC6 on SUSE 8.2
Author raid3868
--- In, "Dmitry Yemanov"
<dimitr@u...> wrote:
> Hi,
> > I am using Firebird for windows 2000 for about a year and i have about
> > 20 server runing on firebird. Due to a lot of performance problem
> > in windows 2000, my database size is about 5GB running firebird
> > Superserver v1.0.3. In windows 2000 i can schedule backup using
> > bat file to do backup and restore.
> >
> > I have some question and hope you can help me.
> >
> > How to schedule a backup and restore in linux?
> The similar way as on W2000. Use cron to schedule the gbak execution.
> > How to shutdown and restart firebird v1.5 when i change the
> > firedird.conf file? ( What i do i restart the Linux OS )
> You don't need to shutdown/restart the server. Just change
firebird.conf and
> the next attachment will read the new values. That's because a
Classic forks
> new process for every attachment.
> Dmitry

hi Dmitry,

Thank You,

This is great for classic server. But why i have 1 GB of ram
and when a user connect the database, doing heavy query and
the physical memory will drop untill 12mb? When use disconnect
the memory did not release back to the system.

Do you have the script for schedule backup/restore fro linux?