Subject Paradox Indexes versus Firebird Indexes
Author cdb4w

I am migrating my system from BDE/Paradox to Firebird, with the end-
goal to eliminate the BDE altogether.
At this stage I have migrated the Data and all looks to be fine with
the actual database itself.
With regards the application (which is written in C and calls the BDE
API directly) all I am doing at this stage is the bare minimum
required to open and access the firebird database.

The problem:
I am doing a simple GTE loop using DbiGetNextRecord() and all appears
fine when retrieving data using the Primary Key or a single field
Index (albeit a bit slow). However, when retrieving data using a
multi-field index the BDE will retrieve x records and then report a
Record/Key Deleted Error.

Has anyone come across this before ? I would prefer to understand the
cause of the problem rather than avoid it by say using a Query to
return the results.