Subject Re: Strange network problem, a real puzzle
Author dr_bentonquest
--- In, Aage Johansen
<aagjohan@o...> wrote:
> On Wed, 1 Oct 2003 21:10:23 +0000 (UTC), dr_bentonquest wrote:
> > Network setup:
> > One W2K Server, running FB 1.0 server
> > Three client applications built with Delphi 7 and IBObjects
> > on W98 terminals, FB 1.0 client install. I'm using IBO's
> > TDataset-compatible components.
> > All four machines can connect to the database and execute *most*
> > queries. However, on three of the four client apps, opening
> > query freezes that computer to a point where ctrl-alt-del does
> > even work.
> > The server and a fourth terminal *can* always execute the same
> > without any problem at all, though.
> > Another symptom: if one client app is working fine (no freezes)
> > then a second terminal opens the =A1=A7offending=A1=A8 query,
the first PC
> > *seems* to hang, but after pushing the reset button on the second
> > terminal, life returns to the first one and client app. returns
> > normal behavior. Note that server is unaffected even when one or
> > terminals are frozen.
> This could be a long CPU intensive query 'hogging' the CPU. When
> terminated it will 'release the CPU' and let other clients continue
> work. There is a monitor feature in IBO - maybe it can help you
see what
> is happening (joining large table without active (and helpful)
> perhaps?)

The server and a fourth terminal do execute this query instantly, so
I think the query is somewhat "light" :)

> > And as I said before, there is this fourth terminal that can
> > open the query all the time, just like the server can. Yesterday
> > everything was fine on the network, problem came up this morning.
> Strange, but are you sure the different clients are running the
very same
> query?

Yes, same exe (resides on the server) for all terminals.

> A client doesn't need the server (but it shouldn't hurt) - the
> software will do.

Sorry, my sentence was incorrect. I installed client software only on
the terminals.