Subject Strange network problem, a real puzzle
Author dr_bentonquest
Network setup:
One W2K Server, running FB 1.0 server
Three client applications built with Delphi 7 and IBObjects running
on W98 terminals, FB 1.0 client install. I¡¦m using IBO¡¦s TDataset-
compatible components.

All four machines can connect to the database and execute *most*
queries. However, on three of the four client apps, opening certain
query freezes that computer to a point where ctrl-alt-del does not
even work.
The server and a fourth terminal *can* always execute the same query
without any problem at all, though.

Another symptom: if one client app is working fine (no freezes) and
then a second terminal opens the ¡§offending¡¨ query, the first PC
*seems* to hang, but after pushing the reset button on the second
terminal, life returns to the first one and client app. returns to
normal behavior. Note that server is unaffected even when one or more
terminals are frozen.

And as I said before, there is this fourth terminal that can safely
open the query all the time, just like the server can. Yesterday
everything was fine on the network, problem came up this morning.

Here¡¦s what has been done so far:

In the server:
-Reboot ļ
-Uninstall/reinstall FB 1.0 server
-Database sweep, backup and restore

In the terminals:
-Reboot ļ
-Uninstall/reinstall FB 1.0 server

No luck yet. At this time I don¡¦t know the exact SQL of the query
that is causing havoc (there are several queries on that form)
because right now I am in a different city. Tonight I¡¦ll drive to my
client¡¦s place in order to take a closer look at the problem.

I desperately need more ideas to try out tomorrow. All
guidance/suggestions/pointers are welcome.

Thanks a lot,