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Author Oleg Lebedev
Putting sql in the file and running it won't work for me. The reason is
that I wanted to save myself some time and write a shell script that
would, say drop multiple tables (this is a very simple example). So, I
would have an array of table names I need to drop and a loop that goes
through all of them and sends a line "DROP TABLE $t_name" to isql.

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> Ok, great.
> I am wondering if there is a way to execute an SQL command through
> FB utiltity from a shell. Smth like:
> bash> time isql -c "SELECT count(*) FROM tableA" /tmp/mydb.fdb
> *************************************


Put your SQL command into a command.sql file. This file must start

CONNECT 'host:/path/to/database.fdb'
PASSWORD 'masterkey';

Then try running isql with "-i" option:

$isql host:/path/to/database.fdb -u SYSDBA -p masterkey -o isql.out -m
-e -i command.sql


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